Since ancient times Clearhaven has been a location of learning.  Due to its ideal location , protected on 3 sides by the mainland, weather is no too bad.  The ancient magi who began studying and perfecting their craft here opted to no become a major trading port, instead seeking solitude.  Overtime, however, the magi realized that a support structure would be beneficial, and as such, have allowed a small number of non-magical families to move to the island to provide services.  Overtime, these non-magical families began to develop magical abilities of their own, and the magi were glad to train these young spellcasters, as payment for the support rendered from their relatives.

Overtime, clearhaven became known as a bastion of education, where Any who have the arcane spark, and a bit of gold, can come to further their talents.  Where some of the mage schools provide attendance based solely on magical capability, clearhaven attendance is based on where you’re from, who you know, how much you can pay…and of course, how magical you will be.  Originally, this resulted in a very elite school, but over time clearhaven’s “elite” status has been reduced to more “average”.  

The current headmaster Glim Schmingle took over the school in a somewhat…abnormal…manner after the heroes repelled the ancient masters and kept them from killing the gods.  Under Glim’s tutelage, Clearhaven has changed to a mostly merit based acceptance policy, though tuition is still not inexpensive.  Students are brought here and trained in military history, military strategy, combat tactics, logistics, leadership, as well as the standard magic training.  The goal being to train a generation of magically capable officers able to lead the Coalition’s military might when the ancient masters return.

While Glim himself is a master of traditional magic, after the last conflict with the masters, the impact of traditional magic has been determined to be too severe on the ecology of the world, and has been all but stamped out.  A few old timers still use vancian magic, but it has been replaced by a number of different schools.  Each of these schools is presented to new students, and students are given the choice as to which school of magic they train in.

While their lessons in magic will differ, Glim feels it is important that students be forced to interact with differing schools of magic, and as such, as many lessons as possible contain a mixture of students.

The different schools of magic are:
Spell Theiving
Dragon Fire


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