Character creation

Character creation is going to be significantly different from previous campaigns. I’m hoping that this new method of character creation will encourage players to develop characters that are significantly more than simply numbers on a character sheet. That being said, I am a firm believer in the idea that a character sheet is simply a tool to help create a character, but in and of itself is unnecessary.

Race selection:

Races that are available are:

Stat selection:

Stats will be created using the standard 4d6 drop one 6 times. If you do not like your stats, you may opt to reroll them all a single time, but they are then assigned in the order they are rolled (so 1st roll is strength, 2nd is dexterity, etc).

Character classes:

There are essentially 3 “types” of character classes. Base, advanced, and then prestige. Prestige classes are going to involve a fair bit of roleplaying, and will not be allowed simply for power gaming. Everyone is starting at level 1, and must choose an NPC class from the DMG. The options are:

Aristocrat –
Commoner –
Expert –
Warrior –

During the course of the game, you will have the option (prior to obtaining level 2) to choose your “advanced” class, which is what we refer to as a base class in most other campaigns. The list of advanced classes that can be choosen from is as follows:

Truename (Tome of Magic)
Binder (Tome of Magic)
Hexblade (Complete Warrior)
Spelltheif (Complete Adventurer)
Totemist (Magic of Incarnum)
Dragonfire Adept (Dragon Magic)
Warlock (Complete Arcane)
Archivist (Heroes of Horror)

Note that this class selection will involve some level of roleplay, and power advancement will require a combination of XP points (as usual), and in game learning of information. Simply advancing a level will not always result in a corresponding increase in magical ability. Also note that as a group we own each of these books, PDFs will be shared on dropbox.

Traits and Flaws:

Every character must pick out a single trait and a single flaw from the Unearthed Arcana book. If you have idea for something NOT in the book, please let me know. Note you do not get the bonus feat from the flaw, as that feat is supplanted by the “Arcane Spark” (see below).

Arcane Spark:

Select a single level 0 spell. This is the spell that revealed your arcane capabilities and the reason for why you have been sent to Clearhaven for training. This spell may be cast a number of times per day = to your Charisma modifier.

Starting money:

None, essentially. You may ask for things to have been brought to Clearhaven with you, but in terms of a “shopping list”, you have no money. A small beginning fund will be assigned to each player based on effort put into background creation.


We will be using the stepped leveling process from the previous vesmir campaign. Since you are not gestalt characters, that means there are only 4 steps per level (HD, Skills, Saves, and “class features”). XP required to level is doubled. The naming convention is as follows:

Going from level 1 to level 2 requires 2000 xp. Game starts at 0 xp. At 500 xp, the character chooses 1 step, and is considered to be level 1.1. At 1000 xp, the character gets to choose a new step, and are now considered to be level 1.2. At 1500 xp, the character chooses a 3rd step, and is now (you guessed it) level 1.3. At 2000 xp, the character gets the last step awaiting them, and they are now considered level 2.0.

Character Questionnaire:

Every character must fill out the questionnaire linked here and post the answers in your character bio. This is to assist you in developing your character’s history.


Character creation

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